Masters Film Acting

Once you have completed the Intermediate Course in Film Acting, you can advance to this course. It expands on all the knowledge learnt in the previous course to a much more advanced level , and delves into specialised areas such as acting and film industry terminology. You not only develop your talent, skill, creativity and emotional quality, but also yourself- as acting is about creating an extention of yourself which is true to everyday life. When completing this course it will be required of you to do a practical and written theory exam. You can also gain extra certification by doing an internationally accredited exam through Trinity Guildhall of London.

Key Course elements:
Acting and Camera terminology
Character development
Listening versus hearing
Understanding the reality of emotions
Bottom lining = reactions
Rhythm and physicality
Understanding the subconscious
Psychology of mind versus character
Weekly performances of scripts on camera
Tutor and group discussions on work presented
Professionalism in your career

This course is done in 11 weekly group sessions of 90minutes each. Included is a manual on course material and a certificate upon successful completion of the practical and written theory exam. Please contact me for information on course fees.