Personal Development

This course is aimed at gaining knowledge about "the self" by understanding your strengths and goals and utilizing your qualities to the best of your abilities in both your personal and working environment. Confidence will also be a huge factor in this course, which will be explored and utilised to suit your individual needs.

Concepts that will be dealt with in this course:
Self awareness
SWOT analysis
Maslow's Theory
How to set goals
Uncovering and understanding fear
Installing an empowering self-belief system
Understanding and gaining success and happiness
Temper issues
Working with values
Dealing with value conflicts
Human needs: certainty/uncertainty, comfort, variety, significance, connection, love, growth and contribution
The art of constructive challenging
Effective communication: Projection, the communication process, responsibility and controll, building rapport.
Uncovering your life's purpose: setting short and long term goals, guidance to find your life's purpose, finding your X-factor and celebrating your success.

This course is done in 10 one hour sessions (one-on-one), and includes a manual on course material, a maintenance program and a certificate upon completion. Please contact me for information on course fees.