Elocution/Speech Training

In this course I will be looking at the way you speak, and develop a personalised program which will help develop your voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. I use basic drama exercises as a foundation to help you understand all the elements of correct speech. The exercises will help you achieve great results and because it uses muscle memory you will be able to retain your results in the long run.

Key course elements:

Posture, relaxation and breathing
Accent neutralisation (I cover all South African and British accents)
Emphasis on resonance, pitch and tone
The elimination of any/all speech faults
Communication skills in a private, public, corporate and personal setting
Presentation skills: Taking the knowledge gained in this course and using it in your everyday speaking life
Developing your own unique vocal capacity
Diction and clarity- articulation and enunciation
Building confidence in your vocal communications at work

The course can be done in 15 one hour or 7 two hour sessions. (weekly, one-on-one) It includes a manual of the course material , a certificate upon completion as well as a maintenance program to help maintain your newly gained vocal skills. Please contact me for information on course fees.