Trinity Guildhall of London Theatre Acting Syllabus

If you seek a career in theatre acting then the Trinity Guildhall of London Theatre Acting Syllabus is an excellent choice. (Orlando Bloom studied through them! ) These are internationally recognised Grade and Certificate examinations for Speech and Drama. There are various paths of study and I will assess you to help you decide which syllabus would be best suited to you.

Levels include:
Grade 1-8
Performers Certificate
A.T.C.L. Performing
L.T.C.L. Performing

These are all practical examinations and you are examined by an examiner sent over from England by Trinity Guildhall. The L.T.C.L Qualification however consists of three examinations: A practical examination, A written theory exam, and the submission of a thesis. Preparation for these exams will be in the form of 30 minute to 1 hour weekly classes. It will also be required of you to participate in and audition for theatrical productions which I have in production and/or with other institutions to gain credits and experience. You will also be encouraged to write and produce your own material, which is a vital talent for actors to create work and income for themselves.
Please Contact me for information on course and exam fees.