Corporate Voice and Personal Development Workshops

Corporate Voice
This workshop is a brief introduction into the Vocal Production/Elocution Course; therefore, if you are interested in participating in the full course you have an idea of what to expect. This course will improve & develop your natural speech both on a public and private level. I find that most corporate people today lack a certain amount of clarity when speaking over the phone, doing presentations and managing their staff. This workshop will help eliminate these faults and produce a clear, natural speaking voice, which will aid them in their profession with the emphasis on excellent communication. This workshop is done in 7 weekly one hour group sessions. (6 people or more)

Personal Development
This workshop is aimed at making staff aware of confidence within themselves as well as in a company setting relating to their position held within the company. This workshop definitely benefits all, who feel they can improve their personal growth, thus learning valuable skills to practice in the workspace and their private lives. Most people today lack confidence. This characteristic trait filters through to their speech; therefore, by participating in this workshop on an individual basis while reiterating the past speech workshop; this will help further eliminate any speech impediments, building confidence, which will aid them in their job with the emphasis on excellent communication. This workshop is done in four 30minute one-on-one sessions over four weeks.

Please contact me for information on workshop fees.