I have worked in the film industry for over 7 years now. I moved from the UK to Cape Town in 2007 to pursue my career in stunts. During my first year in Cape Town I was taken on by APM and as stunt performing and acting are closely related, I sensed a need to enhance my acting skills. A friend of mine recommend me to contact Barbara. I started with the Beginners Course and managed to learn so much, such as breaking a script down, delivery to camera etc. After completing this course I moved onto the Advanced acting course and complete the modules as and when I was free. Barbara also offered an American accent training course which I recommend to all and it helped me so much with my career.
I highly recommend Barbara, she has a great teaching method and helps you break those barriers and push yourself to the limits. As a result of this I have had many acting roles since and managed to book commercials as a result of these courses.Do not think about it, book a course with her NOW!!!
-Paul Hampshire

I am a past student of Barbara and must say her voice training course is excellent. Last year I was employed by a company called GetSmarter,which is a Online Training Company, as a Receptionist. I was a very soft spoken person and had low confidence when it came to talking over the phone so my boss send me to Biebie Productions for voice training and it was an experience of a life time. Barbara as a person is also one of the most sweetest people you can find. She also helped me of get over my fear of singing so I would recommend any one to go to Biebie Productions for voice training.

The voice training lessons I had with Barbara was extremely beneficial to my personal growth. She knows how to make people feel comfortable with their first voice exercises knowing that you sound weird and feel awkward she just relaxes and eases you into voice exercise so as you progress throughout the course you feel more confident and hence building confidence through the sound and articulation of your voice. Barbara is not just a voice trainer she is your personal life coach and always spends time in taking interest in your life and offers advice on how to approach sensitive situations in a logical and civilized manner. I would recommend voice training and personal development lessons with Barbara to anyone who wants to become more confident and build on their character. Lastly I would like to thank Barbara for helping me improve my overall outlook on my life. I would like to have some more voice training sessions with Barbara in the future.

Since I have done the Voice-over course, my breathing control and capacity have improved substantially. Furthermore my articulation has improved which has assisted me in my teaching of pronunciation to students. I would like to commend Barbara on her teaching style and professionalism. The manual is comprehensive and of a high standard and the maintenance programme ensures that one does not lose what one has gained during the course. I would recommend to anyone who wants to do voice-overs or public speaking to do such a course.
-Alan Waltman (Senior TEFL Teacher at Good Hope Studies)

We, the GetSmarter Marketing team, started training with Barbara Barbieri in 2010. Since then, we have completed another 3 programs, including individual training, and are in the process of designing the 4th training program. We now ensure that all team members are trained by Barbara as part of their introduction. Not only do we thoroughly enjoy each training session that Barbara presents, we have also seen fantastic results, both individually as well as a team. The training that we have received has contributed to a more confident marketing team - both professionally and personally - allowing each team member to complete their role to their full potential. After being exposed to the importance and role of our voice and understanding the various aspects of our voice, there was a definite improvement in the quality of telephone interactions. More importantly we have seen increased confidence levels in each team member, which is invaluable. From a managers point of view, this also helped me tremendously in building the team. Barbara has the ability to understand individuals with ease and identify strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement. She has assisted me in how to relate to each team member, and how to work with them to build their strengths and ensure that reach their full potential. She is extremely professional in her work and values confidence. We are looking forward to our next training program and would highly recommend training with Barbara on a personal or professional level.
- Robyn-Marketing Manager at GetSmarter